Tugas merawat rumah harus dilakukan setiap hari dan tidak akan pernah berakhir. Jadi wajar saja jika ada yang bilang bahwa ibu rumah tangga mengurus salah satu pekerjaan yang paling berat.

Not mine.

Berikut ini beberapa cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk mempermudah pekerjaan rumah tangga. Oh, pekerjaan rumah tangga tidak harus dilakukan oleh…

Just to be clear, I am Indonesian. Originally born and raised in Indonesian, never lived abroad for more than a week. In short, I am questioning my nations.

I live in a small city called Cirebon, which is located in West Java. It has historic places and a variety of…

It sounds about right. I experienced it myself, when I work from Monday to Friday, I feel productive even if I only have several hours left for my activities.

But things are different when I am on the weekend, I sleep late, hence I wake up late then I do nothing other than wasting my time. A day passes without anything achieved. Now, I know that it is not only me but also happens to other people.

Thanks for that.

Kebersihan Adalah Sebagian Dari Iman.

Itulah kalimat yang sering didengungkan baik di sekolah maupun iklan layanan masyarakat di Indonesia. Sebagian besar wilayah pemukiman di kota besar selalu memiliki masalah kebersihan. Bisa jadi sebagian masyarakat itu juga punya masalah dengan iman mereka. Siapa tahu?

Seruan tentang kebersihan sudah didengungkan sejak lama…

E-commerce is a really hot business since a decade ago, everyone is trying to be in this business, regardless of their industry, from a small, medium, to a giant company, they all are trying to sell their products online.

Unfortunately, building a reliable and good looking website is not affordable…

People have been talking about writing in so many ways possible. Yet, I never really get myself into doing it. I guess you are the same? (since you are reading this)

The first step is the hardest part, they say. So, here I am making my first step, by writing…

Lazy Writer

I am not a writer, too lazy to write. But, I am up for discussion!

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